“Responding-Really Responding-to Other Students’ Writing”

Richard Straub gave good advice in “Responding-Really Responding-to Other Students’ Writing.” Through out all four years of high school, we did peer review but never taught how to do it efficiently. Whenever I would begin looking over another student’s paper, I would look at the name (which was usually my friend). I never wanted to be too harsh but after reading Straub’s advice, I believe I could now carefully evaluate another student’s paper. I found his writing very informative and easy to understand. He was right to the point and made it clear to the reader what he was trying to get them to understand.

I liked how it was broken up into different sections because it didn’t make everything overwhelming. I think all students should read Straub’s piece because of how helpful it is. He not only tells the reader how to grade work constructively, he gives multiple examples of ideas that one could use when peer evaluating. This really made me realize that reading a peer’s paper is more than just saying, “it was good” or “I liked it.” It’s about giving them helpful advice to be a better writer. He taught me that when reading someone’s paper to take everything into consideration about the writer. He gave good instructions on how to look deeper into someone’s work, not just the surface.

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